Coppermine Photo Gallery v1.5.x: Documentation and Manual

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In Coppermine, uploaded files go into albums. Albums can contain files, but not sub-albums. Albums can go into categories. Categories can contain sub-categories and albums, but they can not contain files.

Subsequently, categories are used to organize your gallery - use them to group your albums into logical units. It's up to you as gallery admin to provide an organizational structure of categories that provides your end users with a logical structure that makes it easy to navigate.

If you don't need categories, don't use them: you can create albums in the root of your gallery (no category).

The categories control panel

The category manager is available for the admin only. Only the admin can create categories.

This panel allows you to edit your categories.

Page controls

The category control panel consists of three sections: the sortorder box at the very top, the manage categories section at the top, where you can change the order of your categories and move them around, and the "update/create category" section at the bottom where you specify the name and description of a category.

Top box "Sort categories alphabetically"

You can specify how you want categories sorted in coppermine: alphabetically (instead of a customized order) by setting "Sort categories alphabetically" to "Yes". This setting is available both in coppermine config and the category manager. If you enable alphabetical sorting, the move up and move down arrows that normally let you manually sort the categories will disappear. Disable this feature if you want to organize your categories in some other order.

Recommended setting is "no".

Middle box "Manage Categories"

Bottom box "Update/Create category"

If the form is not populated, you can enter new data into it and submit the form - this allows you to create a new category. If you have clicked the Edit-icon from the middle box "Manage Categories" first, the bottom form "Update/Create category" will be populated with the data from the existing category row that you clicked at. This allows you to edit existing categories.

The form contains the following fields:

Special category "User galleries"

"User galleries" is a special category. It is not visible unless you have some users that have created their own gallery. It can't be deleted but you can edit its title and description by using the button. Determine wether users are allowed to have personal galleries that show up within the "User galleries" using the groups control panel.