Coppermine Photo Gallery v1.5.x: Documentation and Manual

Table of Contents


Coppermine dev team

Developer Username Role/Position Status
Abbas Ali abbas Developer active
André eenemeenemuu Developer active
Tommy Atkinson Nibbler Developer active
Amit Badkas Amit Developer active
Billy Bullock Gizmo Supporter active
Fabricio Ferrero Fabri Supporter active
François Keller Frantz Supporter active
Thomas Lange Stramm Developer active
Phill Luckhurst Phill Supporter active
Aditya Mooley Aditya Developer active
Davide Renda Lontano Supporter active
Paul Van Rompay Paver Developer active
Dr Tarique Sani tarique Lead Developer active
Timo Schewe Timo Developer active
Thu Tu TranzNDance Supporter active
Sander Weyens SaWey Developer active
Pascal Yap PYAP Supporter active
John Asendorf jasendorf Developer retired
Donovan Bray donnoman Developer retired
Christopher Brown-Floyd omniscientdeveloper Developer retired
Frank Cleynen ArDelLa developer retired
Grégory Demar Greg Original creator of Coppermine retired
DJ Axion djaxion Developer retired
Andreas Ellsel Andi Tester inactive
Scott Gahres gtroll Developer retired
Maarten Hagoort DJ Maze Developer (nuke team) retired
Jay Hao-En Liu Oasis Developer retired
David Holm wormie_dk Developer retired
Hyperion hyperion01 Developer retired
Jack datajack Developer retired
Dave Kazebeer kegobeer Supporter retired
mitirapa mitirapa Porter (Cross Platform Devel.) retired
Borzoo Mossavari Sami Supporter retired
Joachim Müller GauGau Developer retired
Clive Leech casper Supporter retired
Moorey moorey Web Designer retired
Dennis Nakano madeinhawaii Supporter retired
Roberta Blueiris Supporter retired
Timothy skybax Developer retired
Hein Traag Hein Supporter retired
Mark Zerr zarsky99 Tester retired
Eyal Zvi EZ Developer retired


DaMysterious DaMysterious has created loads of fantastic themes for Coppermine
Nanobot Doug has done the vBulletin v3 bridge file
Girish Nair Girish has contributed to the film strip feature
Jason Kawaja Jason did the memberlist hack
Joe Ernst Joe has contributed the "Sort my pictures" feature
Tweak Tweak has created the base for the new coppermine logo that ships with cpg1.5.x
jjhat1 Jjhat has written the initial version of the list of plugin hooks
Nitin Gupta Nitin has contributed code during the Google Summer Of Code 2007 project
Nuwan Sameera Ajax contributions during the Google Summer of Code 2008 stage


This is a list of translators who have contributed to the i18n of coppermine

Language files

Language Translator
Arabic Nancy4, KoD
Brazilian Ricardo Pires, Afonso de Bragança
Bulgarian dogo
Catalan Toni Ginard, Mireia Salazar, RafelGF
Chinese (Simplified) 艺书图
Czech Petr Koubovsky, Michal Simice, Adam Cechura
Danish Tomas C. Jensen, Mimer
Dutch Albe-Espero
English (US) Coppermine dev team
English (GB) Tommy Atkinson
Estonian Craig Tislar
Finnish papukaija
French François Keller
German (informal / formal) Joachim Müller
Greek Nakis
Hungarian Halasi Miklós
Icelandic Jon Ketilsson
Italian Marco Marrai, Gian Luigi Rocca
Japanese Mitsuhiro Yoshida
Luxembourgish Francis Manderscheid
Mexican (Spanish) fermunoz, Dtc
Norwegian Ronny Hansen
Polish Vurmil
Portuguese Pedro Ferreira, Paulo Figueira
Russian Makc666
Serbian Oliver Mihajlović
Slovak Aurel Klátik
Slovenian Boštjan
Spanish fermunoz, jmatute
Swedish Lasse Wannberg, Anita Schaeder
Turkish Sitki, alanozu
Ukrainian Neolo


Language Translator
English (US) Coppermine dev team
French (partial translation) François Keller, FBlue
German (partial translation) Joachim Müller
Dutch (partial translation) Albe-Espero
Spanish (partial translation) jmatute
Swedish (partial translation) Anita Schaeder

Coppermine uses code from the following free softwares

Name Author License Use in Coppermine
phpBB phpBBGroup GNU GPL bbcode
phpMyAdmin phpMyAdmin devel team GNU GPL include/sql_parse.php
phpPhotoAlbum Henning Støverud GNU GPL Basic architecture
TAR/GZIP/ZIP Archive Classes Devin Doucette GNU GPL include/zip.lib.php
Exifixer Jake Olefsky (discontinued development in 2005),
ZenPhoto (continued development in 2007)
GNU GPL Exif functions
PHP Calendar Class (v1.4) David Wilkinson Free for all, as long as copyright information stays intact calendar.php
PhpCaptcha Edward Eliot Free BSD license include/
AWStats Laurent Destailleur GNU GPL Browser and OS icons used
Inspekt Chris Shiflett, Ed Finkler BSD license Superglobal sanitization library Catherine Roman Free for use Ajax loading icons on upload page
FamFamFam flag icons Mark James Free use for any purpose Flags used for language selector
Everaldo: Crystal Clear Everaldo Coelho LGPL Generic thumbnail icons for non-image files
jquery John Resig / jQuery Team GNU GPL / MIT License JavaScript/Ajax Library
XP Publishing Wizard Sebastian Delmont n/a XP Publisher
jQuery Elastic Plugin Jan Jarfalk MIT License Auto growing textareas
jQuery Dimensions Plugin Paul Bakaus & Brandon Aaron GNU GPL / MIT License Full-size pop-up resizer
jQuery datePicker Plugin Kelvin Luck GNU GPL / MIT License Banning expiration calendar
jQuery Treeview Plugin Jörn Zaefferer GNU GPL / MIT License JavaScript navigation used for the documentation and the sidebar
PHPMailer PHPMailer Team LGPL include/
lib.xml.php Ivan Enderlin GNU GPL Used in versionscript to convert XML file to an array
jQuery Greybox Redux Plugin Plugin by John Resig. Original code by 4mir Salihefendic LGPL Inline pop-ups
jQuery Web SpinButton Plugin George Adamson (Software Unity) Spin buttons on the config screen
Drupal transliteration project Stefan M. Kudwien(smk-ka), Daniel F. Kudwien (sun) GPL Transliteration of utf-8 encoded characters in filenames into latin
jQuery Fullsize Plug-in Drew Wilson GNU GPL / MIT License From thumbnail to fullsize (used in documentation only)


Name Author Use in Coppermine
Simplemachines (SMF) SMF team Curve theme
The new default theme curve that cpg1.5.x comes with has been designed with SMF's curve theme for SMF 2.0 in mind. Parts of the graphic ressources have been taken from the SMF theme.

Many Thanks

The Coppermine dev team would like to thank the whole community for all their efforts over the years. Without your time and expertise we could never have come this far.

We would also like to thank Bytemark for providing the project with their excellent hosting services completely free of charge. A busy website such as this requires a reliable server and we have not been let down.

Sourceforge are also high on the list of people we would love to buy a pint or two for. Without their repository many free, open source projects such as ours would struggle to survive.